Jekyll Error

$ rbenv install 2.4.2 설치 에러 메시지

ruby-build: use openssl from homebrew
Downloading ruby-2.4.2.tar.bz2...
Installing ruby-2.4.2...
ruby-build: use readline from homebrew

BUILD FAILED (OS X 10.14.2 using ruby-build 20181207)

Inspect or clean up the working tree at /var/folders/z2/3q9g98yj2md4z250h8qchnc80000gn/T/ruby-build.20181228101300.29724
Results logged to /var/folders/z2/3q9g98yj2md4z250h8qchnc80000gn/T/ruby-build.20181228101300.29724.log

Last 10 log lines:
translating probes probes.d
compiling main.c
compiling dmydln.c
compiling miniinit.c
error: error reading '/dev/fd/9'
1 error generated.
clang: error: unable to remove file: Operation not permitted
dtrace: failed to compile script probes.d: Preprocessor failed to process input program
make: *** [probes.h] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
Jongui-MacBook-Pro:~ jonghyeok$ 

gem install jekyll 에러 메시지
ERROR:  Error installing jekyll:
	ruby_dep requires Ruby version >= 2.2.5, ~> 2.2.

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